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Welcome to the Victorian Homing Association 

The Victorian Homing Association (VHA) was the first racing pigeon organisation established in Victoria. It is committed to the welfare, breeding and racing of pigeons and all members are required to comply with the Victorian Code of Practice for Keeping and Racing Pigeons. 

The VHA is run by an executive which includes the President, Secretary and Treasurer who act on behalf of the members under its rules and regulations within its constitution.

They hold monthly meetings where both the executives and delegates vote on all financial expenditure, determine the line of flight for future races and any other matters brought to them for consideration.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about the greatest backyard sport in the world or want to become a member, we would love to get you started.

Please contact any of our secretary who would be happy to hear from you.

Latest News

Friday 24/11, Sat 25/11 & Sun 26/11/2023


The Meadows:

Greyhound Track, 80 Northcorp Blvd BROADMEADOWS VIC 3047

Proudly supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Two online race team auctions will be held to raise money for the event.

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ANRPB National Ace Birds Award

The ANRPB will be conducting two National Ace Bird  Awards this year. The awards are open to all Australian fanciers providing they meet the criteria outlined in the "Terms and Conditions" which can be viewed on the ANRPB website on www.anrpb.org.au or alternatively click the link on the VHA website.



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