Welcome to the Victorian Homing Association 

The Victorian Homing Association (VHA) was the first racing pigeon organisation established in Victoria. It is committed to the welfare, breeding and racing of pigeons and all members are required to comply with the Victorian Code of Practice for Keeping and Racing Pigeons.

For many years its headquarters was located in Swan St, Richmond where hundreds of fanciers gathered on a weekly basis to basket their birds. As the needs of the organisation changed and many flyers moved out to the east of Melbourne the headquarters was also moved to its present location in Notting Hill.

The VHA is run by an executive which includes the President, Secretary and Treasurer who act on behalf of the members under its rules and regulations within its constitution. They hold monthly meetings where both the executives and delegates vote on all financial expenditure, determine the line of flight for future races and any other matters brought to them for consideration.

The VHA is dedicated to the welfare, breeding, racing and promotion of the sport of racing pigeons. So, if you are interested in finding out more about the greatest backyard sport in the world or want to become a member, we would love to get you started. Please contact any of our executives or club secretaries who would be happy to hear from you.

The purpose of the Victorian Homing Association 

  • The protection, welfare and care of Racing and Show Pigeons. 
  • To encourage the participation in and conduct of pigeon races.
  • The regulation of the sport of pigeon racing and the showing of homing and other pigeons.
  • The regulation and maintenance of all apparatus and appliances applicable to the sport of racing and showing of pigeons.
  • The protection and advancement of the interest of the members of the Association in all matters connected with the said sports.

Latest News

Please refer to Dr Colin Walkers APC website ( update 4, 26th February 2021)  regarding the current undiagnosed racing pigeon disease in Brisbane. At present there has been a mortality rate as high as 50% in some lofts.

It is strongly advised that members should not receive pigeons from Queensland until further notice.


Steve Brown

VHA Secretary 


VHA 110 Race

Welcome to the VHA 110 Race 2021. Full details of the race can be found on this website or alternatively if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact any of the organisers.

We look forward to having another successful race and wish all participants the best of luck. Thankyou for making the VHA 110 one of the most prestigious pigeon races in Australia.

If you have any questions regarding the race please do not hesitate to contact one of the following organisers: Bob Stukel 0407 355 150 Andrew Spiliopoulos 0419 896 024 Jae Hosking 0487 912 630 John Yates 0457 407 038 David Wetering 0418 313 283 or Steve Gazzola 0431 247 548 

Unit Tossing

David Gray will commence tossing on the weekend of Saturday 29th May 2021 & Sunday 30th May 2021.The Saturday toss will initially be from Sunday Creek & then during the racing season from Koonya beach. Tossing on Sundays will be from the Seymour/Shepparton turn off.

Pick up from Cranbourne Pigeon Club 6.50 - 7.20 am then from the Dandenong Basketball Stadium 7.45 am - 8.15 am.

Contact David Gray 0413847228.

The  cost will be $20 per flyer.

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