Yurek Snopkowski

WHEN Sunday 11 August 2019

In the event of a holdover, Sale will be

held on Sunday 18 August 2019.

 TIME Auction to commence at 2.00PM

Viewing from 12.00 noon

WHERE Victorian Racing Pigeon Union

28 Freeman Street


I was a mate of Yurek’s for over 50 years and I will miss his company and friendship. Yurek started breeding and racing pigeons at his parent’s place in Fawkner over fifty years ago. He later moved his pigeons to his new premises in Craigieburn.
Yurek was a loyal and loved member of the Fawkner Homing Club and the Victorian Racing Pigeon Union and was a life member of both organisations. He was responsible for setting up everybody's time clocks and showed precision in doing so. Yurek was a staunch clubman and always keen to help fellow members, particularly new flyers with not only advice but also gifting them his birds.
Yurek was very competitive, particularly in the 500- and 600-mile events. Before going to the club for clock off his competitors would always say “I bet you Yurek's got one”. He had a life time involvement in pigeon racing particularly racing and breeding long distance birds.
In the past decade Yurek introduced some European bloodlines into the mix; Jansen Van Loons from Aussie Lofts and Gabby Vandenabeele from Kevin Leighton.
This has injected more speed into his pigeons and made the loft competitive at all distances and velocities. Yurek was not big on pedigrees, he raced his birds hard and bred off those that performed. This sale will give flyers the opportunity to purchase Fed birds and their families.
His birds have won races from 100 miles to 600 miles and are very versatile.
There are many producing stock birds and their progeny in this sale. These birds would be an asset and would complement any loft currently competing.
Yours in the Sport, Tony Price President - Victorian Racing Pigeon Union



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